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Contact for glandular fever (EBV) advice and assistance 

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glandular fever (infectious mononucleosis mono)

Glandular Fever Help Services
(est. 1998)

send Gina a summary of your glandular fever (EBV) health history:


Do hope I can offer you some good help, support and advice to begin to get you back on track again. Please can I ask you to be understanding of the service I offer. I spend many hours putting together personalised e-mails which often involve much thinking time, followed up by further e-maiing, then putting together comprehensive eating recommendations alongside a very pesonalised comments and pointers document, adding in additional protocols as appropriate, to set you on the right path. The service also includes e-mail support for 9 months to track how things are going. Continued positive support of my Help Service will enable me to continue. I do not fully charge for the amount of time and work involved (a minimum of 10-15 hours is usually ploughed in to most cases), but ask for a donation of 100 to help keep my Help Service going. My website and advice has provided a lot of support, help and hope over the last 15 years, to the many of you out there struggling. Do contact me rather than struggling on with no direction. I genuinely want to help.

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Please give a brief summary of your glandular fever health history:
include details such as: when diagnosed,
have you ever felt 100% since glandular fever, symptoms, general mood, suffer delayed fatigue after physical exercise, have good weeks followed by bad weeks, suffer recurrent sore throats and glands, any bloating or digestive disturbances, lack of concentration, not feeling all there etc. The general tiredness and lethargy is a given really but detail further if you wish.

I will aim to get back to you with my initial comments within 24-48 hours of your message being sent. I will send some initial comments and then if still interested in what I have to say, some further comments. You don't have to decide whether to request my help fully until this point.

If you would like me to send a quick text message to say a reponse has been sent to your e-mail box then please send me your mobile number (UK only):



Georgina A Burton

BScHons Dip Raw Nutritional Therapy.

Member of the British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT)

specialising in helping those who suffer from on-going troubles with glandular fever /infectious mononucleosis, epstein barr virus and post viral fatigue